Letterspace for iPhone and iPad supports both iCloud and the latest version of iCloud Drive. Letterspace for Mac requires iCloud Drive. These two storages can not be used at the same time, and documents can not be synced between them. So, in order to sync between all your devices, you will have to upgrade your account to the latest version of iCloud Drive.

iCloud Drive requires iOS 8+ and Mac OS X 10.10+ (Yosemite and above). So make sure all your devices are ready before you make an upgrade.

Cloud Push

Besides traditional iCloud. Letterspace also utilizes the new cloud storage connector from Apple, CloudKit.

CloudKit allows Letterspace to save your notes directly into your iCloud account and at the same time, notify all your devices those currently have internet connection about the update using Silent push notification. When these notifications arrive, weather or not Letterspace is running, Letterspace automatically fetchs your notes from iCloud account using Background Fetch.

Therefore, when you have an internet connection, you notes sync using 2 methods: Cloud Push, and iCloud Drive whichever arrive first. When you are offline: iCloud Drive.

iCloud Troubleshooting

While Letterspace for iOS asks you to choose weather or not you would like to use iCloud in settings menu. Letterspace for Mac turn iCloud on by default. You don't need to turn anything on. Just make sure you signed in with the same iCloud account. And iCloud in your system preference is turning on for Letterspace.

For Mac
System Preferences → iCloud

For iPhone and iPad
Settings → iCloud

If everything work properly, you should be able to see all your notes in Letterspace iCloud folder on your Mac here:

Finder → iCloud Drive → Letterspace

*Works even if you don't have Letterspace installed on your Mac*

Date & Time

Syncing rely a lot on time stamp. That's how we know which note is newer. So make sure your date time is corrected by let your devices automatically set them from the internet.

For Mac
System Preferences → Date & Time → Set date and time automatically

For iPhone and iPad
Settings → General → Date & Time → Set Automatically

Is iCloud working on Apple's side?

Check Apple’s System Status page, for the status of either iCloud Backup or iCloud Drive.

Keep Writing

Make a small edits also force that specific note to update. This is the simpliest way to nudge the iCloud.


Don’t panic! We never actually delete anything. You can find all your deleted notes in here:

For Mac
Trash Bin on you dock.

For iPhone and iPad
Type "folder:trash" into the search field.


Please, let us help you. Just drop us an email or if possible use the following menu:

For Mac
Help → Report a Problem

For iPhone and iPad
Settings → Send Feedback → Report a Problem