Bilingual Bot.

Bilingual Bot

Breaking the language barrier through powerful automatic translation.

Automatic translation

Translate messages into languages your members can easily understand.

For example, if you have people who speak English and Spanish in the same channel. You can ask @Bilingual to interpret between these 2 languages.

@Bilingual comes to help

Slash commands

/interpret en 
/interpret es

Create mirror discord channel in different language with ease!

Forward message in one channel, and post it to another in different language.

@Bilingual creating mirror channels

Slash commands

To create mirror channel using slash commands:

In #welcome-english channel:

/interpret en
/forward #welcome-thai

In #welcome-thai channel:

/interpret th 
/forward #welcome-english

Easy to use for everyone

Beside slash commands, users can simply ask @Bilingual to come and help. @Bilingual communicate back with their language.

@Bilingual communicate with user using native language.

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By the way, it’s open source!

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Getting help

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